Saturday, April 12, 2008

Computer Update.

I got my computer back, fully functional and without the complete loss of data that I was expecting. So hooray!

I'm wrecked from a long day in the sun photographing bike races (boys in spandex = hot. Perhaps an acquired taste...), so this is just a brief note. But before I sign off, there are two things my roommate requested I blog about that happened today.


When I get busy, I tend to be less organized than is desirable. Which is a charming way of saying that my room can get pretty messy. So messy, in fact, that I lost my wallet in my room.

A week and a half ago.

It's an exceptionally long time to lose one's wallet, but my early, hurried efforts to find it didn't work, and hell - mine is a cash business, so money wasn't a problem. And I found my passport within 30 seconds of looking for it, so I had ID. This morning I finally had a couple hours to devote to cleaning/organizing aka searching my room inch by inch until I found it. In the damnest place.

Wrapped in a towel, nestled snugly against my double-headed dildo.

Freaking hysterical, if only the wallet didn't now smell like the cheap latex dong it's been pressed against for over a week. That's why I keep the thing in a towel - to minimize the gag-me-strong smell rubbing off onto my stripper clothes (something I learned the hard way.). Difficult to see how my wallet ended up there in the first place, though I imagine it fell off my dresser into my work bag, which I later shoved aside. From there it somehow managed to sneak into the towel then rewrap itself back into a tidy little package. Where I never ever would've thought to look for it. So it goes.


Shortly after I found my wallet, my cat - a scrawny, cranky, oldish but very beautiful little 6 pounder of an animal - brought me a present. A mouse. A very large mouse. She deposited it on the floor of my room while I was folding laundry, something I might not have noticed if a boy I'll call The Cyclist hadn't dashed up the stairs after her to warn me. We're looking at her looking at the mouse and I wonder out loud if it's dead. The cat looks at me.

And the mouse makes a run for it, right into the least organized corner of my room.

That was fun. I don't think the mouse was injured in the least, having seen him complete some pretty impressive jumps. I was trying to deal with it on my own, not wanting to fall into the stereotype of a hysterical female standing on a table with a broom screaming 'Kill it! Kill it!', but after the little bugger jumped for the second time I gave up and called on my roommate's and The Cyclist's assistance. The three of us prevailed, and my room is once again mouse-free. Thank god.

Now I'm off to bed, where a boy, and some good ol' fashioned platonic snuggling, await.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

A note from the webmaster.

And by webmaster I suppose I mean myself.

My computer chose this week to implode on me, so it may be a couple days before the post I was working on gets up. I'm waiting to hear what they have to do to it before it'll work again.

In the meantime, let me recommend getting your geek on and watching Battlestar Galactica's season premiere. I used to make fun of people who watch it, but let me warn you -- it's addictive. Hot young actors trapped in space ships with awkward uniforms and their own swear words.

Oh, the drama.